How can we make Adobe Muse even better?

Please Combine Now Dead Muse with Bloom and Edge Animate...

Dear Adobe,

I hope that this day finds you well and that my voice is heard.

Quite recently, you have chosen to both open and close project Bloom. This wouldn’t have been so bad had their still been support for Muse. Along with both of these programs, you are also no longer supporting Adobe Edge Animate.

This is an absolute travesty, as you are leaving a huge, gaping hole in a space with which you were very clearly innovating.

Each program is ahead of it’s time and each program does absolutely wonderful things.

I would like to add that Adobe Spark Page is absolutely not an adequate replacement for any of these programs.

Compared to any of the above, Dreamweaver is extremely difficult to use, and is not designer friendly at all.

There are people legitimately scared out there, that their website design business will come to a screeching halt once these programs go away altogether. I am in this crowd.

What I am proposing is for you to please combine all three programs into one super program and put Adobe Sensei behind it. As well, please come up with a mobile version (hopefully iOS first) of said program.

This will blow the competition out of the water.

I fully get and understand that augmented reality is your focus for the future. However, AR serves a wholly different purpose then a website.

As well, as a designer, I have no idea how to get an Adobe XD project from prototype to live version.


It doesn’t have a “Publish” button similar to Muse.

There are more hoops to go through, which shouldn’t be.

I would also like to touch on Adobe Edge Animate. This is a remarkable program. You had an amazing vision for it, for it to go mobile with regard to creating apps. I was right there with you, but you killed it.

You say that Adobe Animate is an adequate replacement. It absolutely is not.

The Adobe After Effects timeline is far easier to use, then messing around with sprites, cells and the like. I have always been very frustrated with Adobe Flash/Animate. It’s difficult to create web animated content with that program.

Adobe Edge Animate, I understand.

I have been using your programs for over twenty years. I am a very loyal customer and really love the company and what you do.
I am begging you.

PLEASE, DO NOT forget about this EXTREMELY important part of visual website development.

Adobe is a forward thinking company.

In this area, it’s as if you are devolving.

I was expecting something at this year’s MAX.

A screen shot. A sneak. Some kind of a hint as to an adequate replacement.

We got nothing. Nada.

I know that you say that you don’t always respond to your customers through this portal.

In this case, I think that it is your responsibility to answer the website development community at large, as to what you are planning for the future.

In the past, you have had paths for other forms of technology that you let go.

Here, there doesn’t really seem to be one.

Please advise.

Thank you kindly.


Daniel L Rappaport
CEO & Director of Creation
Pazzaria Productions


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